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Kontinitro SA

Innovative Technologies since 1936

Company profile

Kontinitro SA is a limited company with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Founded in 1936, our company quickly specialized in precision instruments for the explosives industry. High performance chronographs have been developed to measure very short time intervals in order to determine propagation speeds of several tens of thousands of meters per second.
For the past several decades, we are proud to have loyal customers in over 60 countries. Our work of precision and the quality of our products is for our customers a guarantee of confidence.
The Speed Detonation (Velocity Of Detonation) or VOD is one of the most important characteristics of explosives, fuels, propellants, detonating cords, detonators, pyrotechnics, etc. The VOD of an explosive should be measured at different stages; from its manufacture, to its final use. The VOD measurement allows a rigorous quality control of the explosive as well for the manufacturer and the customer.

Technology Fields

Mining & quarries

Our measuring instruments and their accessories no longer have to prove their worth for large-scale V.O.D tests as well as V.O.D measurements on the field. For more than 30 years now, we have been working in close collaboration with various quarries in Europe in order to make the V.O.D measurements on the field as simple and as efficient as possible. More specifically to understand and know the behavior and characteristics of explosives in the blasthole.

Underground excavation & tunnels

We are currently working on two measurement instruments allowing the times of electronic detonators to be calculated in a simple, fast and efficient way, the Detomet 2.0 and the Detomet High Capacity. The timing accuracy of electronic detonators is a key factor for trouble-free blast control.

V.O.D Quality control for explosives manufacturers

Delay Quality control for detonators manufacturers

V.O.D measures applicable to almost all civilian explosives for a wide variety of industries

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Kontinitro SA
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