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Kontinitro SA is a limited company with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1936, our company has quickly specialized in precision measuring instruments for the explosives industry.

For the past several decades, we are proud to have loyal customers in over 60 countries. Our work of precision and the quality of our products is for our customers a guarantee of confidence.

The Speed Detonation (Velocity Of Detonation) or VOD is one of the most important characteristics of explosives. The VOD of an explosive should be measured at different stages; from its manufacture to its final use. The VOD measurement allows a rigorous quality control of the explosive as well for the manufacturer and the customer.

Picture 1 & 2:   Austria 1939, nitroglycerin manufacture in Blumau.


Picture 3:         Morocco 1955, construction of an explosives factory in Casablanca.


Picture 4:         Argentina 60's, VOD Dautriche method (an old way  to determine the                               velocity of detonation of an explosive by using the detonating cord and a                           control plate).          


Picture 5:         Greece 1974, construction of an explosives factory.


Picture 6 & 7:   Switzerland 1984, a trial in Brigue with the first Explomet model. This                                version was not using the optic fiber technology yet, but a copper cable                            that would start the VOD measurement when cut by the explosion.


Picture 8:         Ireland 2013, VOD in the blast hole with the EasyProbe system.


2014 - Increasing Measurement Accuracy in Electro-Optical Method for Measuring VOD
Adobe Acrobat Document 604.4 KB
2013 - Influence of the Initiation Energy on theVelocity of Detonation of ANFO Explosive
Adobe Acrobat Document 554.1 KB
2011 - Fortification of W/O Emulsions by Demilitarized Explosives. Part I. Use of TNT
Adobe Acrobat Document 941.8 KB
2006 - Detonator using Nickel Hydrazine Nitrate as Primary Explosive
Detonator using Nickel Hydrazine.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 114.4 KB
2005 - Measurement of Shock Wave Force in Shock Tube with Indirect Methods
Measurement of Shock Wave.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.5 MB
Requirements for SR EN 13631-1: 2005 - Explosives for civil uses - High Explosives
High Explosives.pdf
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Explomet-fo-2000 Flyer page 1.pdf
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Explomet-fo-2000 Flyer page 2.pdf
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EasyProbe System Flyer.pdf
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Detomet Flyer.pdf
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Technical Drawing of the Explomet-fo-200
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Technical Drawing of the EasyProbe Syst
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Plastic Optic Fiber for VOD.pdf
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