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Signal Cables

Surface cables and EasyProbe system

The EasyProbe System for your V.O.D in the Blast Hole

The EasyProbe System is the last accessory of Kontinitro SA. Specially designed for VOD in the Blast Hole it use the fiber optic technology to collect 5 VODs measurements in one blast. The measurement method is simple and effective, we use the light generated during the explosion to measure the speed of detonation of the explosive.



Unique in its kind, the EasyProbe cable was specially designed to record detonation speeds from the blast hole. Thanks to its six optical probes it will record, on a length of 14.80 feets (4.5 meters), five V.O.D measurements.  Apart from its ease of use, the blast hole cable is also insensitive to electromagnetic fields and works in both dry and wet holes.



Specially designed for rough conditions, a MEMU can drive on it without causing any damage. With its plug made up of special connectors and reinforced optical fibers, the role of the Surface Cable is to transmit, without any loss, the data recorded during the blast to the Explomet.