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The perfect lab instrument

  • User friendly
  • 6 fibers input / 5 counters
  • Heavy duty ionized aluminum case
  • Aluminum 3 [mm] cover
  • Quartz: High precision , temperature corrected, no calibration needed
  • Touchscreen 5.0 inch
  • ±0.01 µs precision

The Explomet²ᵀ⁺, Velocity Of Detonation meter for explosives and fuel, is the latest measuring instrument from Kontinitro SA in 2019. Easier to use, faster and more modern than predecessor, the Explomet-fo-2000, it is based on the same technology. The light signal emitted during the explosion is transmitted from the explosive to the instrument by optical fibers. The light signal is converted into data by the Explomet²ᵀ⁺ and gives the V.O.D of the explosive.

The placement of the optical fibers on the explosive can be completely random. The Explomet²ᵀ⁺ automatically unscramble the optical fiber illumination order and restores the VOD data.

The accuracy of the Explomet²ᵀ⁺ is +/- 0.01 microseconds (0.00000001 seconds).

Our measuring instrument can calculate with extreme precision detonation velocities that can exceed 300`000’000 m/s.

The Explomet²ᵀ⁺ is designed as a black box, all the data (date, time, length, speed) entered and collected by the device are systematically saved on an SD card.

The Explomet²ᵀ⁺ has a resistive touch screen is designed for harsh environments and frequent use. It is robust and can be used without or with gloves. Developed for VOD tests in the field, in quarries or in mines, it is the ideal choice for measurements with the EasyProbe System or DCS (Duplex Cable System).

The Explomet²ᵀ⁺ is simply the best measuring instrument manufactured by Kontinitro since 1987.

The Explomet 2T + is the first VOD measuring instrument with a self-calibrating quartz independently of the outside conditions. Designed to withstand temperatures between -40 and 80 degrees Celcius (-40 and 176 degrees Farenheit), it can withstand the worst conditions, such as rain, mud, sand, dust and snow. Its ionized aluminum case gives it great strength and makes this measuring instrument almost indestructible.

For utilization in the field, please check our Explomet³