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Reliable and easy measurements with a Swiss Made instrument


The EXPLOMET-FO-2000™ is an electronic counter which can measure the VOD up to 10’000 meter/second. (example: Anfo: 4'200m/s, Nitroglycerin 7'700m/s, Octanitrocubane 10'100m/s). This measurement instrument is triggered by the light emitted during the detonation and transmitted by means of plastic optic fiber probes placed into the explosive.


Application areas


- Civil engineering

- Military engineering

- Aerospace engineering

- Physics / Chemistry


You can measure the VOD of


- Industrial explosives.

- Propellants and pyrotechnic mixtures.

- Detonation cord.

- Slow burning pyrotechnic composition.

- Shock Tube.


You can make your measurements in different environments


- Water

- Air

- Rock & soil

- Under vacuum


You can measure time intervals


- On explosives of various forms (cartridge, bulk).

- The delay of non electric detonators (shock tube detonators).

- The delay of electric detonators together with the DETOMET™

- Testing a blast using the Shock Tube initiation system.


Experience has shown that the users are fully satisfied with the handling and the performance of this system. During the past years Kontinitro has developed several VOD Meters and the latest version: EXPLOMET-FO-2000™ is based on the same function principals as the previous one but with the latest technology improvements’.


Easy use


In laboratory, the VOD Meter can be connected to a permanent optic line, with up to 6 measuring probes which lead to the test site.

In field, operates on batteries, with all the needed items enclosed in a rugged transport case.

Basic familiarity with explosive handling is sufficient to operate the EXPLOMET-FO-2000™.

Safety distance:


The distance between the VOD counter and the test site can be up to 220 m.

The use of fiber optics insures a perfect immunity from electrical noise.

The simplicity and fast installation of the Explomplet-fo-2000, are essential when working in environments such as quarries, mines or tunnels where concentration as well as  vigilance are important.


VOD in the field


The EASYPROBE SYSTEM is the latest measurment system of the Kontinitro. It's specially designed for blast hole VOD in the quarries, open-cast mines, tunnels and for underground blasting. 


Measuring Method and Principle of Operation


The Explomet-fo-2000 has 5 independant timers measuring the time intervals between the illuminations of 6 optical probes. One of the probes starts all the timers. Then, every triggered probe stops its timer. Results are displayed instantly.


The Explomet-fo-2000 has 2 modes of operation

  • Velocity and Time: The probes must be illuminated in ascending order, ie: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6.The Explomet measures the time intervals between the illumination of two consecutive probes and calculates the VOD.
  • Time Only: The probes are illuminated randomly. The Explomet measures the time intervals between the illumination of the first and the second probe, then between the second and the third probe, and so on until all time intervals have been measured.

User friendly


Menu driven operation on an easy to read 4 lines display.

Save up to 100 results on the internal flash memory.

Transfer the results to a Windows PC vi a the RS-232 serial interface and read them with WinExplomet (supplied with the Explomet-fo-2000).




Reliable technology in a robust anodized aluminium case.

Fiber optic probes provide perfect immunity against electromagnetic noise.


Swiss quality precision


Time measurement: +/- 0.1 microsecond (10-6).

To which plastic optic fiber cable shall i connect my explomet?

surface cable

We are proud to be the only Company in the world to offer you a six channels POF cable.


reinforced Dual channel pof cable

The best choice for a frequent use of VOD measurements.

Simplex pof calble

An essential product for all your VOD measurements.