explomet 2

Reference No: EXP2

The Explomet 2, Velocity Of Detonation meter for explosives and fuel, is the latest measuring instrument from Kontinitro SA in 2019. Easier to use, faster and more modern than its big brother, the Explomet-fo-2000, it is based on the same technology. The light signal emitted during the explosion is transmitted from the explosive to the instrument by optical fibers. The light signal is converted into data by the Explomet 2 and gives the V.O.D of the explosive.




The placement of the optical fibers on the explosive can be completely random. The Explomet 2 automatically unscramble the optical fiber illumination order and restores the VOD data.


The accuracy of the Explomet 2 is +/- 0.01 microseconds (0.00000001 seconds).


Our measuring instrument can calculate with extreme precision detonation velocities that can exceed 15'000 m/s.


The Explomet 2 is designed as a black box, all the data (date, time, lengths, speeds) entered and collected by the device are systematically saved on an SD card.


Explomet 2 - Guide & Manual
Guide and Manual Explomet 2 - 2019.pdf
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To which plastic optic fiber cable shall i connect my explomet?

surface cable

We are proud to be the only Company in the world to offer you a six channels POF cable.


reinforced Dual channel pof cable

The best choice for a frequent use of VOD measurements.

Simplex pof calble

An essential product for all your VOD measurements.