Reference No: DET01

Measuring method & principle of operation


The DETOMET™ detects the firing impulse generated by the electric blasting machine by means of a sensor located in the box through which passes the electrical wire linking the detonator to the blasting machine. The signal is sent via fiber optic cable to the EXPLOMET-FO-2000™ where it starts an electronic timer device.

A further fiber optic cable is connected to the detonator and leads also to the EXPLOMET-FO-2000.

The firing of the detonator signals the EXPLOMET-FO-2000 to stop the timing device and displays the delay time in microseconds between the firing impulse and the firing of the detonator.


Application for all electric and electronic detonators


Instantaneous electrical detonators (IED)

Short period delay detonators (SPD)

Long period delay detonators (LPD)

Electronic detonators

Pyrotechnic detonators (electric firework igniter)


Easy quality control



o   The DETOMET does not interfere with the initiation of the detonator and provide a high accuracy and safety of use.

o   The use of fiber optic have the benefit of being immune against electromagnetic field and prevent false triggering leading to false results.



o   Time measurement of the EXPLOMET-FO-2000: +/- 0.1 microsecond.



For your safety:

o   Distance between the detonator and the DETOMET & EXPLOMET-FO-2000: up to 200 m. Possibility to install fixed lines.


For your detonators

o   Avoid proximity with mobile phones.

o   Avoid proximity with static electricity.


Easy use

o   No special training is required for the use of DETOMET, EXPLOMET-FO-2000, and all those experienced in the use and handling of explosives will be able to operate the system with ease,

o   The consumption of optic cable is very low (about 10 cm is destroyed for each test),

o   Easily portable, can be carried with the EXPLOMET-FO-2000 system and its heavy duty case.


Easy installation

o   Can be adapted to any existing site (with fixed cables).



o   Only 4,5kg with transport case & the EXPLOMET-FO-2000, all attachments, and 100 m fiber optic probes, allows easy transportation to the blasting site.


Operates on batteries

o   With 9V replaceable battery.




o   With the DETOMET and the EXPLOMET-FO-2000 you can test easily 1 detonator.

o   With the DETOMET and the EXPLOMET-FO-2000 you can also test simultaneously up to 5 detonators.




1.       Prepare the optical probes

2.       Pass one of the detonator leg wire or connecting wire through the DETOMET box

3.       Connect the optical cable linking the DETOMET to the “start” plug on the EXPLOMET

4.       Fix an optical cable to the detonator with a special clip or a tape and connect the other           end to the “stop” plug of the EXPLOMET-FO-2000.

5.       Fire the detonator!

6.       Read on the EXPLOMET-FO-2000 display the delay in microseconds between the firing            impulse and the base charge explosion.




Dimension:                     Solid anodized aluminum case: 110 x 113 x 40 mm.

Weight:                           0,6 kg

Battery:                           9 V, 500mAh, Block AM6 or 6 LR 61 (UCAR-Alkali).

Operating range:

o   Distance between the DETOMET and the EXPLOMET-FO-2000: up to 20 m.

o   Distance between the detonator and the EXPLOMET-FO-2000: up to 200 m.




One of the electric wire linking the blasting machine to the detonator has to pass through the DETOMET box.


Test Lamp


o   For indicating the sending of the optic signal.


Optical Fiber


o   Plastic fiber optic cable: - core 1 mm diameter; jacket: 2.2 mm diameter

o   5 mm diameter black PE protection pipe for the fiber optic probes.




o   Please read the data page of EXPLOMET-FO-2000 for more specifications.




o   Technical changes which improve the quality of the system are reserved.

o   To test the delay time of non-electric detonators, use the EXPLOMET-FO-2000 with the “start” probe connected at the detonator’s shock tube.


Swiss Made


o   EXPLOMET-FO-2000™ & DETOMET™ are registered Trademarks of KONTINITRO SA.

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